Welcome to the Truin Retail Group, Inc. corporate website. TRG Inc. is dedicated to reinventing the way customers experience online shopping.

TRG focuses on developing and operating a variety of online retail websites that can cater to what we refer to as “broad niches”. Our 'broad niche' approach aims to provide the online customer with a wide range of products within the particular category in which they are interested. For example, the online consumer interested in tailgating can find everything they need for a perfect tailgate at National Tailgate (www.nationaltailgate.com), without being overwhelmed/distracted by products unrelated to tailgating. Meanwhile, the customer seeking picnic items can navigate to Picnic Trend (www.picnictrend.com) to find a great selection of picnic products.

This approach not only offers our online shoppers an easier, more efficient shopping experience, but it allows us to provide unparalleled customer service. All of our customer service agents are specifically knowledgeable in the category that they service. They have used the products first hand, so they can provide you with better guidance and assistance.

The TRG family of websites meet the highest standards for quality, ease of use, and security. Whenever and wherever you see the TRG logo, you can be assured that you are in good hands. At Truin Retail Group, Inc., it is our goal to provide online shoppers with the widest array of quality products at affordable prices. We aim to create a comfortable and secure environment for all of our customers.